Getting Your Money’s Worth Melitta One:One Or The Keurig Elite

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Keurig B40

Keurig B40

You get what you pay for and this report backs that up. There are a lot of reviews of both of these brewers; read a few at or I believe that you will see, in the long run, the additional cost of one will be well worth it.

Special Features Of The Keurig B40 Elite

  • Automatic Brewing System
  • Brews a cup in less than a minute
  • Has Auto-On Off
  • Brews coffee using a K-Cup
  • Brews 2 cup sizes – 8 ounces, 10 ounces
  • Has a 48 ounce removable reservoir
  • Has water level sensor
  • No delay in re-heating water for second cup
  • Makes up to 6 cups before re-filling reservoir
  • Price $99.95

A review of the Keurig Elite brewer by Single Serve Coffee, at , says that its speed in brewing “…makes it a welcome addition to the fast paced work environment.” In comparing the Elite to the more expensive Keurig Special Edition model, the reviewer continued, “The coffee it produces is of the same quality as the Special Edition. We couldn’t tell a bit of difference….The coffee produced by the Elite is just as hot and good as a cup brewed by the Special Edition.” The water in the reservoir remains heated after that first cup and there’s no delay in brewing a second cup. The machine turns off automatically after 2 hours so there’s no worry about damage from prolonged heat.

Special Features Of the Melitta One:One

  • Brews coffee using a pod
  • Brews in one minute
  • Has 2 pod holders – 1 for tea, 1 for coffee
  • Brews 2 cup sizes – 5ounces, 8 ounces
  • Has 28 ounce water reservoir
  • Available in black, red, chrome, green, and yellow
  • Price $59.99

Commenting on the Melitta, one customer at Single Serve Coffee said, “We had purchased a Melitta One:One about a year ago and enjoyed the coffee and convenience at first. We always had some small leakage of water (about 1 ounce) each time we made a cup of coffee. A few weeks ago, I purchased Melitta pods at the supermarket and the packaging indicated that the Melitta pods ‘now fit all pod brewing systems’. But guess what, they no longer fit the One:One well at all. I would say we lost 3-4 ounces of coffee with every brew and it was making a mess of the kitchen counter. If you want a good one-cup system, save yourself the aggravation and get a Keurig. The coffee is great, there is no loss of water while brewing, the reservoir holds enough water for a morning’s worth of coffee, and the Keurig Elite isn’t too expensive at $100.”  There have been numerous complaints about the One:One leaking. Some users say this may be due to the pod size which was apparently changed by Melitta. There is a univerasal pod holder available at Melitta Customer Service which may make a difference. Others complain about the machine’s short life or gradually decreasing output along with constantly flashing warning lights. There were numerous comments of “Useless”, “Disappointing!”, “Don’t waste your money!” one viewer summed it up saying, “I was very disappointed in this product. I wasted $60 for a leaky machine with very few choices of coffee. Just save up a few more bucks and get yourself a Keurig.”


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